Zukus Pumping units, offer the following services amongst others:

  • Removal of Paraffin from Tubing and Flowlines
  • Cleaning the bottom of large storage tanks
  • Heating frac fluids before injection into the well
  • Killing wells
  • Pressure testing
  • Producing 80% quality steam with the optional steamer
  • ZIL oil heating units have been effective in not only removal of paraffin both down-hole and flowlines and pipelines but also in numerous other purposes including well control, steam cleaning and heating of frac oil.

The pumping (Hot Oil) units can pressure test 5,000 psi, which allows credibility checks on flowlines, wellheads, pipelines and subsurface equipment.
“Hot Oiling” is the most economical way to maintain maximum production. There is no lost oil. It is recovered in normal production. ZIL has been prominent in solving the above-mentioned problems with its Pumping (Hot Oil) units in the Oil and Gas industry.
The Hot Oil process has been used for solving serious wax issues for the clients in the past with the ultimate gain of production increase.

Zukus has successfully carried out the dewaxing of tubing and tubing for the following companies;

  • Shell Petroleum Development Company (Oben Fields)
  • ChevronTexaco (Jisike in Izombe, Makaraba and Abiteye)
  • NPDC (Abura field)
  • Pan Ocean (Ogharefe)
  • Mart Energy Resources (Kwale)

The success story of the Hot oil has endeared Zukus to her clients and the record is yet to be equaled.

New Hot Oil Skid Unit

Hot Oil/Pump Truck 1